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A friend once asked, "How was your life before Personal Computers came along?" Honestly, I can't really recall. It's been more than 15 years since I bought my first computer.

It's very convenient piece of equipment which makes my work a lot easier. Everything I've done with it is work related. However, by itself, I've never really learned how to make money with my PC until I met this poker player from Las Vegas who earns an average of $15,000a month with his PC.

But best of all, with his idea, you don't have to know a single thing about operating a computer to get into this business.

A shareware is a "sample" version of a software. Individuals who write software usually "give away" copies of shareware so potential customers can "test drive" the product before they purchase the full version.

This "try before you buy" has made the shareware concept extremely acceptable, both by the people who design software as well as tens of millions of computer owners.

Public Domain (PD) software are simple programs developed without any copyright or patent assignment. Since it is Public Domain, any one can use it without having to pay rights to its designer.

The Las Vegas man researched some of the best sharewares and Public Domain software he could locate. He bundled together 7 to 10 of them into a single floppy disk and started selling them for $20 & up.

He made several disks containing different varieties of sharewares and PD software. He sold the disks individually and as a group. He was making so much money you'd think he was doing something illegal.

One day, competition caught on and he needed a twist. A friend of his introduced him to me and I developed a new plan built around the same product he already has. Since other people started selling similar disks at the same price he was charging, the competition started eating up his market. He needed something new.

What I did was design a gift certificate offering free software. We gave certificates to stores, libraries, and mail order houses to give away to their customers. The certificates offered a collection of shareware and PD software - FREE OF CHARGE. Just pay a minimal shipping and handling fee of $8.69. Since it cost him 69Cents to reproduce each disk, he makes an $8 profit per certificate.

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